Website Scanning

Listen to CEO Brian Szady explain ThreatMinder’s new Website Scanning feature on the AI & Security Podcast.

ThreatMinder’s Risk-as-a-Service Solution analyzes Risk to solve Supply Chain, Vendor, and Merchant issues. Our new dashboard feature, Website Scanning, is an advanced search with the capability to do a deep dive on a specific websites, businesses or personnel to supplement our continuous monitoring. 

Scanning brings together our horizontal approach of continuous monitoring with the vertical approach of crawling specific websites to get a snapshot of websites in real time.  This tool can provide insight into vendors, clients, suppliers, and more. This tool analyzes Risk information from specified websites and personnel to create a customizable risk score based on your specifications.

Key information we search for:


• Where the site is hosted

• Owner criminal records

• Any target keywords you choose

• Lots of other interesting things

ThreatMinder is the most proactive, simple to use, and affordable Risk-as-a-Service Solution. Through actionable details and operational analytics, we know risk, and we make sure you do too.

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