Vetting Vendors

Listen to CEO Brian Szady explain how ThreatMinder’s Risk-as-a-Service Solution manages Vendor Risk on the AI & Security podcast:

ThreatMinder connects the dots between data and risk to help you protect and grow your business. Our Risk-as-a-Service Solution analyzes risk from across thousands of data points and platforms, including open source, corporate, and private sources. 

We manage Vendor Risk by providing insight into each vendor your business contracts with to mitigate financial, reputational, regulatory, liability, and fraud risk. We provide both initial risk insight for businesses at the point of onboarding as well as continuous analytics to ensure continued compliance and positive business performance.  Our Risk-as-a-Service Solution ensures that your vendors will continuously provide the services required and prevents bad actors from harming your business from the inside.


Our Risk-as-a-Service Solution examines each specific vendor to detect any potential fraud, looking for signs of poor business performance or illegal activity. It analyzes information that may not align with known details and investigates known risk triggers. In addition, we analyze reviews and comments for any negative sentiment or activity that indicates poor business health. These searches are customizable, meaning we can shape them around your specific business needs and rules.

Continuous Evaluation:

The business health of your vendors may change over time. Our artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms continuously analyze each vendor  in real-time to ensure compliance, providing you with the most current risk knowledge.

ThreatMinder is the most proactive, simple to use, and affordable Risk-as-a-Service Solution. Through actionable details and operational analytics, we know risk, and we make sure you do too.

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