Sunday Update: Website Scanning

This week, ThreatMinder implemented a new powerful add-on feature.

ThreatMinder Risk-as-a-Service Solution analyzes Risk to solve Supply Chain, Vendor, and Merchant issues.  This week, we added a new feature allowing customers to understand Risk in an even more comprehensive way. This tool can provide insight into vendors, clients, suppliers, and more.

Scanning is an advanced search feature that allows you to do a deep dive into specific websites, businesses or personnel. This tool analyzes Risk information from specified websites and personnel to create a customizable risk score.

Key information we search for:


• Where the site is hosted

• Owner criminal records

• Any target keywords you choose

• Lots of other interesting things

ThreatMinder is the most proactive, simple to use, and affordable risk analytics solution.

To add this new feature to your dashboard, contact us today for more information at

At ThreatMinder, we know risk – and we make sure you do, too.

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