Sunday Update: Parent/Child Search Structure & High Risk Items

This week, ThreatMinder implemented two new powerful features. 

ThreatMinder Risk-as-a-Service Solution analyzes risk to solve supply chain, vendor, and merchant issues.  This week, we added two new features allowing customers to understand risk in a comprehensive way.

Parent/Child Search Structure:

ThreatMinder now categorizes Search Targets as “Parents” or “Children” of one another, allowing a hierarchical structure to quickly determine group risk.

Use Case: Supply Chain and Vendors

• Multiple levels of suppliers exist, such as prime suppliers, sub-contractors, and sub-sub-contractors

• Our new system separates each level into groups, segmenting risk within each group

• The risk of one supplier is interconnected with many others at every level

High Risk Category:

High Risk is a category for data that does not rise to the level of “Immediate Threat” yet may be interesting, unusual, or relevant to your business risk. These High Risk posts will be separated and collected for you to review anytime.

Examples include:

• Fire happening several miles from your target location,

• Partner business being featured negatively in the news,

• Social media user changing their profile picture to your CEO’s image

• Harassing or strange posts from customers

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