Sunday Report: Suez Canal Disruption

This week, ThreatMinder analyzed the effects of the Suez Canal disruption.

Focus: Supply Chain Risk

Reason: International Trade Disruption

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This past week we saw increased traffic and interest in United States Cyber Defense. We identified and distilled actionable information about the events. Get a full copy of our Weekly Analyst Report and read key highlights below.

The International Supply Chain is an interconnected web of businesses, governments, geographical locations, and infrastructure that provide pathways for goods to travel around the world.  If one of those entities is disrupted, the whole mechanism can break down.  Last week the container ship, Ever Given, ran a ground in the Suez Canal and blocked all traffic for six days. The blockage of this critical ocean passageway created a bottleneck that will end up costing billions of dollars in lost goods and revenue.  In this report we highlight  situations in which better supply chain monitoring would have helped give businesses strategies to handle this disruption.


• Used web crawlers, keyword searches, syntax, and other proprietary capabilities to find all related posts, articles, blogs, etc. related to our monitoring targets on the general web, the dark web, social media

• Filtered millions of pieces of information through A.I. algorithms and machine learning protocols to analyze tone and sentiment

• Verified threats with our human analyst team


• Most posting volume came from Twitter, with greater than 957 specifically from this platform

• Average sentiment fell below the national average to 9.77 for this situation

• Average risk rose above the national average to 14.48 for this situation

• Post volume exceeded 539 posts per Action

• Average Verified Confirmed Threats per Action were 25.75.

• Ever Given had the most post of all Actions: 758

• Middle East – Supply Chain had the highest risk: 22.79%


• Current overall information online for Suez Canal Supply Chain Risk is MALIGNANT.

• Online Sentiment and Risk status for Suez Canal Supply Chain Risk is MALIGNANT.

• ThreatMinder found posts and information specifically tying this Monitoring Target to questionable or related activities of this investigation

• Based on the FBI and CIA protocols and processes, ThreatMinder has determined that relevant information collected must be investigated further

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