Sunday Report: Extremism in the Military Case Study

This week, ThreatMinder analyzed a case study about Personnel Risk in the United States Air Force (USAF).

ThreatMinder’s Risk-as-a-Service Solution analyzes Risk to solve Supply Chain, Vendor, and Merchant issues.  This week, we saw increased traffic and interest in a news story about a prominent white nationalist who joined the USAF. Hiring in mass can make it difficult to adequately understand the background of every applicant, but this situation could have been avoided by utilizing our services to analyze incoming service members’ online activity.

Extremism in the branches of the United States Military has been an important topic in the news recently. Several weeks ago, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin called for the military to address the problem of extremism in the ranks. However, the Huffington Post reported this week that 28-year-old Airman 1st Class Shawn McCaffrey, a high-profile figure in the online White Nationalist Community, has successfully enlisted in the USAF without any issue. Evidence of his problematic actions are easily found across the Internet.

ThreatMinder’s Risk-as-a-Service Solution can prevent issues like this from occurring, by analyzing data about incoming personnel from across open source, corporate and private sources and distilling actionable information. Our algorithms, data crawlers, scrapers, and data integrations utilized in the targeted monitoring cover millions of information pieces across the Internet.

What We Do:

• Use web crawlers, keyword searches, syntax, and other proprietary capabilities to find all related posts, articles, blogs, etc. related to our monitoring targets on the general web, the dark web, social media

• Filter millions of pieces of information through proprietary A.I. algorithms and machine learning protocols to analyze tone and sentiment

• Verify threats by our human analyst team, weeding out false positives before delivering only the relevant information to you

Analyst Recommendations:

1. First, run official background checks at scale in conjunction with monitoring each individual for anything online that can be determined as a Threat. This comes in the form of old content on social media platforms, past content that created by the individual, and even past work history

2. If anything of a High Risk nature appears, dive deeper into that specific person’s background with the help of a dedicated analyst and investigation report

ThreatMinder is the most proactive, simple to use, and affordable risk analytics solution. We connect the dots between data and risk for your assets, brands, supply chain, merchants, vendors, and more. We know risk – and we make sure you do, too.

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