Sunday Report: Cybersecurity Breaches

This week, ThreatMinder analyzed United States Cyber Defense.

Focus: Merchant Risk

Reason: Cybersecurity,  Data Breach

Every Sunday evening, ThreatMinder will release a substantive and actionable Analyst Risk Report based on high risk activities/events the prior week.  These reports include actionable and operational risk analytics to guide your risk mitigation response plan.  These weekly reports are provided for no charge.  More detailed risk reports about your own assets, businesses, and more may be purchased separately. Contact us at for more details.

This past week we saw increased traffic and interest in United States Cyber Defense. We identified and distilled actionable information about the events. Get a full copy of our Weekly Analyst Report and read key highlights below.

The United States has for years focused on offensive cyber weapons while neglecting their cyber defense.  Within the last three months, these offensive weapons have been used against the US, creating major breaches within the Federal Government and the international business community.  Hackers acquired these aforementioned offensive cyber weapons and used them against their creators.  This is a good example of businesses focusing too much on one area of security but neglecting another – leaving them vulnerable to attack.

Most businesses focus on protecting their own data within their own servers; they create walls around themselves.  Hackers have figured out that they do not have to attack their targets head-on, but instead can find vulnerabilities in merchants that the businesses have relationships with.  If attackers can find one merchant that doesn’t have the correct security in place and exploit that, then the whole business ecosystem is at risk.


• Used web crawlers, keyword searches, syntax, and other proprietary capabilities to find all related posts, articles, blogs, etc. related to our monitoring targets on the general web, the dark web, social media

• Filtered millions of pieces of information through A.I. algorithms and machine learning protocols to analyze tone and sentiment

• Verified threats with our human analyst team


• Most posting volume came from the general web, with greater than 5,830 specifically from this platform

• Average sentiment fell below the national average to 6.38 for this situation

• Average risk rose above the national average to 26.55 for this situation

• Post volume exceeded 1,284 posts per Action

• Average Verified Confirmed Threats per Action were 11.

• SolarWinds Hack had the most post of all Actions: 6,440

• WannaCry Attacks had the highest risk: 35.8%


• Current overall information online for Cyber Defense Merchant Risk is MALIGNANT.

• Online Sentiment and Risk status for Cyber Defense Merchant Risk is MALIGNANT.

• ThreatMinder found posts and information specifically tying this Monitoring Target to questionable or related activities of this investigation

• Based on the FBI and CIA protocols and processes, ThreatMinder has determined that relevant information collected must be investigated further

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