Replacing Legacy Security Systems

The Problem:
A client had a legacy security monitoring system already in place that was not meeting their needs.

The Solution:
ThreatMinder replaced the system at scale, saving money while offering more coverage.

The Challenge:
A ThreatMinder client was hesitant to replace their current security monitoring system, which was manual. The existing system required expensive human analysts and was not easily understood by employees across all levels of the company.

The Results:
ThreatMinder is a more powerful and less expensive alternative to many existing security systems. ThreatMinder replaced our client’s system at scale, which saved money while also providing much more coverage. Our system replaced the crime and risk monitoring system for hundreds of locations with prior manual access and automated the process to now provide alerts within near real-time to keep employees and customers safe.

Replacing the legacy monitoring system reduced cost due to the need for fewer human analysts. The previous system was more costly and more complicated, requiring expensive analysts but not allowing meaningful involvement from other people in the field. Implementing ThreatMinder’s easy-to-understand digital monitoring allowed people from all levels of the organization to access and understand the security system while providing real-time security updates across multiple locations

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