Preventing the Sale of Illegal Items

A ThreatMinder Client Success Story

The Problem:  A merchant had concerns that one of their companies had begun selling illegal items. 

The Solution: Implement the ThreatMinder Risk-as-a-Service Solution to understand what their companies were selling – providing immediate insight and ongoing evaluation.

The Challenge:

Merchant clients may have a clear understanding of what their companies are selling when they initially onboard them, but it can become difficult to monitor each individual company going forward. A ThreatMinder customer found themselves in an unfortunate situation when one of their companies began selling illegal items, but they were not immediately aware of it, putting the merchant at risk of regulatory, financial, and reputational liability  

The Results :

Implementing ThreatMinder’s Risk-as-a-Service Solution allowed the customer to have immediate knowledge of the health of all of their businesses and provided ongoing evaluation to ensure continuous compliance.  

We were able to pinpoint the businesses that were engaged in fraudulent or illegal activities and prevent them from continuing these bad practices. We also searched across the Internet for reviews and other types of posts that may indicate poor business practices.  

In addition, we put into place continuous evaluation of these businesses. This ensured that all companies complied with all regulatory requirements going forward, preventing the same situation from occurring again

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