Physical Location Monitoring

A ThreatMinder Client Success Story

The Problem: A retail facility wanted to prevent crime happening in real time.

The Solution: Monitoring mentions of the location across social media, the general web, and the dark web. 

The Challenge:

A retail facilities manager tasked ThreatMinder with helping monitor crimes happening in real time, and with preventing future crimes. The size of the facility made it difficult to monitor through solely traditional in-person methods.

The Results:

ThreatMinder created actions to keep track of all mentions of the location across the Internet.  Analysis of social media mentions led to the discovery of a coordinated effort to do a surprise “flash mob” within the mall. The large coordinated crowd posed risks to people and property. Our analysts confirmed the threat and notified the facilities manager immediately.  

Having advanced notice of the incident gave the client the opportunity to plan security in advance, rather than being unprepared. Our near real-time alerts allowed the client to be aware of the situation with plenty of time to correct it, and our operations team provided support in responding to and rectifying the situation. 

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