Parent Child Search Structure

The risk of one action is always interconnected with many others. 

Nothing lives in a bubble – including threat and risk.Numerous actions need sub-actions to fully understand the context of the risk pertaining to those specific items.

Suppliers have sub-suppliers. Executives have families or other employees below them.  Vendors have sub-vendors. Prime contractors often have sub-contractors. Each of these subcategories come with risk, which also cause risk for the people, businesses, or brands in higher levels above them.

Having the ability to create specified groups of actions related to each other  allows the end user to truly understand how risk is flowing throughout each entity, main entity, and overall organization.

For example, prime suppliers have sub-suppliers and those sub-suppliers have their own sub-suppliers.  Each sub-part of the supply chain carries its own risk profile.  ThreatMinder allows each of those separate supply chain Risk profiles to be tied together and understood.  Then, these roll up to the larger supply chain which then rolls up to the overall company.  Each level of the sub-sections allow you to understand where the risk lies within each area.  

Utilizing this technology, we know risk – and we make sure you do, too.

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