Onboarding International Businesses

A ThreatMinder Client Success Story

The Problem: Our client was onboarding new ecommerce businesses based internationally and wanted to limit any fraudulent activity.

The Solution: Implement initial and ongoing fraud risk management, utilizing ThreatMinder’s web crawler technology

The Challenge:

Our client was in the process of bringing on ecommerce businesses from international locations. Because the businesses were based abroad, it was difficult for the company to get a complete understanding of the potential risk across: financial risk, regulatory risk, reputational risk, fraud, liability and compliance. The client desired more insight into the performance of these companies, in both immediate and ongoing risk analysis.

The Results:

ThreatMinder’s web crawler provided a clear picture of the health of the individual ecommerce businesses through an analysis of their online presence. Specifically, our technology closely analyzed known information, structured data, OSINT, and unstructured data to verify that the businesses had reported accurate information. 

In addition, the services compiled information on items being sold and pulled information from reports and reviews across the Internet that provided insight to the businesses’ practices and their overall business health. 

We put into place ongoing analysis of these international businesses in order to ensure compliance in the future, rather than just at the time of onboarding. This continuous evaluation provided real-time accountability for these businesses.

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