Onboarding & Implementation

Listen to CEO Brian Szady discuss ThreatMinder’s simple and efficient onboarding process on the AI & Security Podcast

ThreatMinder’s onboarding and implementation process is simple and efficient. 

We handle the entire process for you: from filtering through the data, to analyzing the data, to notifying you when an immediate Risk Trigger is identified – all in real-time. Your workday becomes simpler, knowing we are there to continuously analyze your risk profiles.

We can set up our Risk-as-a-Service Solution Same Day. 

Once we identify your individual use case and monitoring targets – such as your people, locations, events, supply chain, vendors, merchants, and more – we can instantly start collecting data from across open source, private, and corporate online sources. Data starts flowing into our system within 10 to 15 seconds of turning it on. 

Depending on the different data platforms, information arrives over the next 24 to 48 hours, and our algorithms become more and more refined.  Over time, our understanding of sentiment towards your targets increases. Understanding baseline sentiment allows us to track any changes, both positive and negative, which may indicate risk.

Once our system has been implemented, we can make changes for your business at any time. 

For example, one of our customers called us on a Sunday morning, anticipating an emergency event. Our operations team acted quickly and had 100 new actions turned on within 15 minutes, which allowed our customer to take immediate action to mitigate risk. Our system is flexible enough that we can scale up and down in response to your immediate needs.

Our implementation process is simple, and our Risk-as-a-Service Solution is easy to understand. Through actionable analytics and operational notifications we know risk – and we make sure you do, too.

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