Multinational Drug Company Supply Chain

A ThreatMinder Client Success Story

The Problem: A large consumer drug company was worried about Risk in their expansive supply chain.  Suppliers, Sub-Suppliers, Distribution Locations, and Supplier Business Health were all unknown Risk factors

The Solution: ThreatMinder analyzed all businesses within the supply chain  at all levels of the supply chain through our powerful Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms

The Challenge: 

A giant consumer drug company had a supply chain that spanned multiple countries and continents. As the supply chain extended to more and more levels of sub-contractors, it was difficult to have accurate Risk insight including health of these businesses, distribution location disruptions, cyber risk, executive issues, and more.

The Results: 

ThreatMinder analyzed all aspects of the supply chain. Specifically, we created Targeted Searches for each business, business locations, and business owners.  We created an entirely unique dashboard so these businesses could be analyzed closely. This customized approach allowed the customers to understand all aspects of Risk throughout their Supply Chain.  

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