High Risk Category

ThreatMinder has added a new dashboard feature that allows you to see even more useful information about your Monitored Targets: High Risk Data.

High Risk is a category for data that does not rise to the level of “Immediate Threat” but may be interesting, unusual, or relevant to your business risk. 

Examples of High Risk information include:

  • A fire happening several miles from your target location
  • A partner business being featured negatively in the news
  • Social media user changing their profile picture to your CEO’s image
  • Harassing or strange posts from customers

Since High Risk posts do not reach the risk threshold of a Verified Confirmed Threat, you will not be notified about each individual post. Instead, these High Risk posts will be separated and collected for you to review anytime on your personal dashboard.

At ThreatMinder, we know risk – and we make sure you do, too.

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