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A ThreatMinder Client Success Story

The Problem: Local government officials were concerned about threats received online

The Solution: Real-time monitoring of social media activity, including overt threats and subtle negative language and tone

The Challenge:

 A county board of supervisors tasked ThreatMinder with monitoring online threat activity related to their members. They were not interested in physical threats to locations or facilities, so the account was focused only on social media activity, threats, and risks. 

The Results:

Initially, ThreatMinder closely analyzed all responses to and mentions of all board members. After a few weeks of monitoring board members, it became apparent that only two members were particularly active on social media, and therefore were receiving the most negative attention online. Analyzing the data made it clear that certain specific users would comment on posts from these board members more frequently than any other people. Observations and analysis of social media posts and comments indicated that these people knew each other personally or were working together in some capacity. They were clearly organized and shared negative beliefs towards these elected officials. 

ThreatMinder recommended that this county create actions for these Twitter users to prevent them from doing anything threatening. The county blocked some of these users, and some of these users learned that their social media was being monitored so they stopped using threatening language and tone. In response to their change in behavior, the ThreatMinder analysis team continued to monitor these users’ social media posts, even those were not directly about the members of the board of supervisors. Our team looked for more subtle signs of threats being made, both directly and indirectly. ThreatMinder’s analysis of the situation evolved as our understanding of the account and situations matured.

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