Executive Protection for International Travel

A ThreatMinder Client Success Story

The Problem: A company’s executives needed protection for overseas business travel.

The Solution: Proactively monitoring travel destinations before and during the period of travel

The Challenge:

A client who manages security for high profile people hired ThreatMinder to provide protection for an executive team that was planning an international trip. The itinerary included travel to multiple locations in Nigeria and Chad, and the company was concerned about safety. 

The Results:

ThreatMinder created actions for each location on the proposed route to monitor all  information about these areas before the team arrived. In the weeks leading up to trip, our threat analyst team got to work right away filtering through  possible threats and identifying Verified Confirmed Threats.

Two weeks later, our team identified and passed along information about a kidnapping that that occurred in one of the towns on the proposed route. Sixteen tourists were taken off a bus and held for ransom. Based on this information, the client changed their itinerary and excluded this country from their plan completely.  

With the help of ThreatMinder, the client completely changed their itinerary and rescheduled the trip to a safer location. ThreatMinder’s proactive monitoring led to avoiding an unsafe situation completely, rather than simply reacting to the situation as it unfolded

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