COVID-19 Supply Chain Disruptions

The Problem:  A large company‚Äôs supply chain was disrupted due to complications related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Solution: Monitoring each supplier individually to find the disruptions and solve them.

The Challenge:

A company with a large supply chain was struggling to keep track of each of their individual suppliers, especially amid the COVD-19 pandemic. Many suppliers were facing financial difficulties that affected their output, causing ripple effects across the supply chain.

The Results:

ThreatMinder analyzed each supplier individually to assess risk issues related to finances, locations, and individual employees. We found that some suppliers were suffering financially due to the economic downturn, while others were in locations that were especially affected by the virus or had individual employees that were directly impacted. 

We helped our customer see the individual disruptions to their supply chain that were part of  large-scale complex issue. Knowing about these specific individual circumstances allowed the ThreatMinder customer to make decisions supporting their suppliers and limit their financial losses. 

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