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Risk As A Service

Listen to CEO Brian Szady explain our Risk-as-a-Service model on the AI & Security Podcast ThreatMinder analyzes risk to both grow and protect your business. Our Risk-as-a-Service Solution analyzes data across thousands of endpoints and platforms, including open source, corporate and private sources  resulting in real-time, actionable risk knowledge.  Risk to Protect We help you protect your business […]

Onboarding & Implementation

ThreatMinder’s onboarding and implementation process is simple and efficient. We handle the entire process for you: from filtering through the data, to analyzing the data, to notifying you when an immediate Risk Trigger is identified – all in real-time. Listen to CEO Brian Szady discuss ThreatMinder’s simple and efficient onboarding process on the AI & Security Podcast.

Understanding Sentiment

ThreatMinder’s risk analytics are based on two core proprietary metrics: risk scoring and sentiment analysis. We analyze change in sentiment towards the assets we monitor – people, locations, brands, events, businesses, vendors, merchants, suppliers, and more. Listen to our CEO Brian Szady explain how ThreatMinder proactively analyzes sentiment towards our targets on the AI & Security podcast.

What is ThreatMinder?

At ThreatMinder, the best practices of Silicon Valley meet the counterintelligence capabilities of the CIA. When we started, we recognized two problems with the risk analytics industry: that most systems for risk analytics were too complicated for the average person at a company to understand, they were made by analysts for analysts; and that there is too much data out there on social media, the general web, and the dark web for a person to accurately sort through and understand in real time. Listen to our CEO Brian Szady explain our services the AI & Security podcast.