Category: Risk as a Service

Parent Child Actions

Nothing lives in a bubble – including threat and risk. The risk of one action is always interconnected with many others. Numerous actions need sub-actions to fully understand the context of the risk pertaining to those specific items. Many targeted actions are connected to other actions with no way of knowing the risk for each separate action, separate from the overall organizational risk.

What is ThreatMinder?

At ThreatMinder, the best practices of Silicon Valley meet the counterintelligence capabilities of the CIA. When we started, we recognized two problems with the risk analytics industry: that most systems for risk analytics were too complicated for the average person at a company to understand, they were made by analysts for analysts; and that there is too much data out there on social media, the general web, and the dark web for a person to accurately sort through and understand in real time. Listen to our CEO Brian Szady explain our services the AI & Security podcast.