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Sunday Report: United States-Turkey Relations

Focus: Misinformation
Reason: Misinformation results in damage to relations, American business being harmed, and heightened tensions.

This week, ThreatMinder analyzed United States-Turkey Relations to identify and distill actionable information about these events. Request a full copy of our Weekly Analyst Report and read key highlights.

Analysts in Proactive Roles

ThreatMinder can free up your existing security analysts, giving them the opportunity to take on more proactive roles in risk management. The Problem: A client’s existing security team was busy responding to threats as they came up, being reactive rather than proactive about risk.  The Solution: ThreatMinder took over the initial triage of sorting through data, freeing […]

Sunday Report: Peaceful Transition of Power

This past week, we saw increased traffic and interest in the presidential inauguration. Although the protests across the country ultimately did not come to fruition, the FBI warned of potential protests in all 50 state capitols. We identified and distilled actionable information about the events. Get a full copy of our Weekly Analyst Report and read key highlights below.

Sunday Report: Capitol Unrest

Every Sunday evening, ThreatMinder will release a substantive and actionable Analyst Risk Report based on high risk activities/events the prior week.  These reports include actionable and operational risk analytics to guide your risk mitigation response plan.  These weekly reports are provided for no charge.  More detailed risk reports about your own assets, businesses, and more […]