Sunday Report: United States-Turkey Relations

Focus: Misinformation
Reason: Misinformation results in damage to relations, American business being harmed, and heightened tensions.

This week, ThreatMinder analyzed United States-Turkey Relations to identify and distill actionable information about these events. Request a full copy of our Weekly Analyst Report and read key highlights.

Parent Child Actions

Nothing lives in a bubble – including threat and risk. The risk of one action is always interconnected with many others. Numerous actions need sub-actions to fully understand the context of the risk pertaining to those specific items. Many targeted actions are connected to other actions with no way of knowing the risk for each separate action, separate from the overall organizational risk.

Multinational Drug Company Supply Chain

A ThreatMinder Client Success Story

The Problem: A large consumer drug company was worried about Risk in their expansive supply chain.  Suppliers, Sub-Suppliers, Distribution Locations, and Supplier Business Health were all unknown Risk factors

The Solution: ThreatMinder analyzed all businesses within the supply chain  at all levels of the supply chain through our powerful Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms